Visual production

Cinema production

Yaz platform provides cinema production services in its three stages:
The pre-production stage which includes brainstorming workshops, script writing, equipping the actors, preparing the licenses, issuing permits and others, then the production stage which includes a professional cinematic team, the latest cinematography equipment, then the post-production stage that includes music and montage Pictorial, color correction, and graphics. Among the most prominent services provided by the Yaz platform in film production are the following:

We Are professional for

Commercial ads

A service provided to major sectors, such as government sectors that are concerned with the satisfaction of the beneficiary of their services, and resort to the production of a graphic advertisement that shortens the effort and time in communicating goals, and the private sector such as commercial companies that want to introduce their trademark and raise the demand for their products and reach the largest number of companies, and access to the third largest Charitable societies wishing to produce cinematic advertisements that carry social messages addressed to their target audience, and the Yaz platform depends on providing this service on a team specialized in producing The output of this type of advertising, and the latest high quality technology reached by the film production market.
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TV Programs

  • The Yaz platform provides the service of producing TV programs of various kinds, social, political, economic, sports, cultural, entertainment, and religious, whether those programs that are broadcast live, or recorded programs, and the institution has capabilities for internal production using the latest licensed and licensed studios, Likewise, external production using external transport vehicles.
    The Yaz platform is distinguished by experts in the manufacture of TV program content, through a team of thinking and brainstorming, which creates ideas that fit the goals of clients, and then presents it to the production line that includes preparation, presentation, text writing, linguistic audit, and the field of field support and internal – – Also, the institution is distinguished by technical cadres specialized in designing the artistic identity of programs such as badges, commas, photography, montage, graphics, and directing.
  • Yaz platform also offers its customers the service of designing and implementing interior and exterior decoration for TV programs.
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Short Films

It is a type of short-term cinematic movies, which we usually find in mobile phones as a modern platform, in addition to targeting other platforms such as television screens and websites, and these films differ according to their types, including adventure films, comedies, and emotional films, among others.


And in turn, we, the Yazplatform, are professional and creative, from the idea to the final production and publication.

Documentary Films

Yaz platform is making documentary films of all kinds, from the start of the idea stage until implementation, using the latest tools, technologies and cameras that the production market has reached in this field.


Video Clips

We produce video clips from scratch, poetic writing, to final directing and delivery, whether it is lyric, rap, shela or poetry video.


Includes audio recording stage

Motion graphics and Cartoon

Cartoon production: The cartoon is distinguished by creating attractive dialogues between cartoon characters, whether comical or official, fictional or realistic, which makes the work interesting and distinctive. Producing motion graphics through Motion Graphics transforms complex ideas into simple and interesting texts, accompanied by illustrations with high standards, so that it can Our customers communicate their needs smoothly and clearly.


Visual Productions

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